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About me

I am an experienced healthcoach and mentor, here to help you go through what you need to go through to. In order to further help my clients I went through extensive training with the internationally renown Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This resulted in a certification as Integrative Health Coach. This experience is built on a strong professional base of public education through my years as a high school English Literature teacher in Washington State, in the United States. I have a Masters degree in Teaching from the University of Washington and I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Currently I am residing in Middelburg, in the Netherlands with her husband and son.

About my service

I offer personalized Health Plans, based on regular meetings. Iwant to really get to know you, in order to be able to help you in the way that you need to be helped. To find out if there is compatibility and both you and I are comfortable with each other, I offer a free first session. You can book one by contacting us through this website directly on the calender, or contacting me on my email or Social Media.

We are based in Western Europe, but online we are available all over the world. We hope to hear from you!